Wednesday, July 29, 2009

There It Sits

Taunting Me.

Looking like the sweetest little house in the world, yet stubbornly refusing completion.

After the flunking, the rains came. The plumbing needed to be mulled over for a few days and more reading of the code book done. The new project we had begun working on in anticipation of a passing grade wouldn't work in the rain. The next platform for the stairs was in place to have its upper legs encased in concrete and it rained all day.

The stairs will have to wait for sunnier weather, like what briefly showed up around 7 pm this evening.

The little cabin did try to please me though with this beautiful silhouette on its half painted wall.

Rain of course was a good excuse to get another project started. We did ask and the inspector man consented to letting us insulate all the exterior walls. They are still nit picking on the electrical and have not signed off on the rough inspection for it, but the nit picking items are all visible even with insulation. There has been a different inspector each time and each one has found some different minute electrical nit to pick.

The insulation work began in the loft after a thorough sweeping and vacuuming. There was empty space up there to work in and it was the quickest way to start eliminating the bales of insulation sitting in the single main room of the cabin that doesn't want to be completed.

Fortunately I have the roadside vegetable garden that remains my refuge of pleasure.

A sense of ease, order, productivity and completion comes to me as I putter through this garden. Every meal these days is a reminder of a job well done. The grasshoppers did not deter me. I out planted them.

The second planting of sweet corn is tasseling out. Just maybe the raccoon will be overwhelmed this year too and I will get more than a few meals with sweet corn. I have expected his visit by now. The first planting of corn is near ready. The battle of wills continues.


Anonymous said...

If it's any consolation, our house has been built for about 7 years now and we still have no cabinet doors anywhere in the house, and the last bedroom is still studs! You see, on a comparative basis you are making great progress! (:
The most frustrating thing as you describe is the infuriating lack of inspector standardization. We have found that buttering them up first and then a little respectful negotiation will sometimes help.
And yes, the garden is always solace. There is no one to inspect it but you and the Spots. Take heart!


Frances said...

I like what Bev had to say, as usual. Your are making great progress. Surely at some point you will see the same inspectors? The sweet little house is trying to please you and wins our hearts sitting there on the side of the mountain. The shadows were beautiful. And Uncle Ernie stands tall in the bounty for man and beast alike. It is good. :-)

Lola said...

I totally agree with Bev & Frances. I am glad you have the road side garden as solace. A garden can be so comforting. At least Uncle Ernie will agree with you & not talk back.

Anonymous said...

It's just like long ago, Chris. Someone, someday, will find the remnants of a little cabin on the mountain side and wonder about who lived there.

Christopher C. NC said...

Bev, that is no consolation. My building contractor is a running joke in the family for always leaving something not quite finished. His ever patient wife has lived with it for 54 years. I swore to myself every project would be completed to the last detail. Perhaps the multiple ongoing projects is what has my head spinning. Can you elaborate on "buttering up"?

Frances, it all seemed so simple and easy in the beginning when it was just vision in my mind. That is why the roadside vegetable garden is so pleasing, simple and easy with a good layer of wood chip mulch.

Lola, Uncle Ernie is doing a fab job this summer and looks so good surrounded by all that color.

Oh anonymous, that is fine, but I want to live in it for about forty years first. This long drawn out pre-remnant remnants phase is a test.

Anonymous said...


yes, I am definitely married to the "not quite finished" type. I am not so patient as Bulbarella, unfortunately. But I can see that is a good motivator for you finishing everything! (:
As far as "buttering up", no I don't mean bribes! Maybe coffee! It's just that these inspectors seem to look down on yuppie-looking DIY's as opposed to "good old boys", and anything you can do to seem like you are either one of them or at least respect them, helps. Like shooting the breeze awhile before getting down to business, or commiserating with how hard his job is, etc. etc. (choking all the while.)
That's all I was talking about.Best of luck!!


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Those inspectors can be so glib with their findings when they are toying with a craftsman building their own home. Perhaps Bev is right. A little schmoozing can go a long way no matter if it is distasteful. Too bad you couldn't run into him at a local bar/restaurant and buy him a drink or two.

Aaahhhh yes, the garden is so reassuring and peaceful not to mention a feast for the soul as well as the body.