Thursday, July 9, 2009

Patio Sculpture

So a sewer pipe becomes a stove pipe for the first part of its journey through the air into the bowels of the earth. This allowed for a nice wrapping of insulation around the pipe. The stove pipe covering and insulation wrap will extend into the wall where a blanket of earth will take over insulation duties.

For unknown reasons I find this bizarre accoutrement rather fetching and don't mind that it will be highly visible unless I plant a bush in front of it - the ultimate landscaping solution to hideous problems. That black hole at the base of the column is the drain line beneath the walls. It will get a more permanent collection box and grate in time that attaches to the pipe. This will add to the urban industrial service entry of the cozy cabin.

The fill that goes behind the new store bought block retaining wall is slowly rising, one bucket at a time.

The soil is coming from down below where the intersection of all this activity can be viewed. It is getting incredibly visually busy and there is more to come. The sewer line and water pipes will be boxed in and insulated at a level below the rest of the insulated floor. One furnace and the duct work for four vents will also eventually be mounted below the insulated floor joists. The stairs and landing to get down to the basement patio from above will also add to the visual overload in this corner. I'll need ferns maybe.

Moving dirt uphill by bucket is accomplishing another goal, the start of lowering the basement patio floor to the proper depth in order to get four inches of packed gravel for a base for a future stone floor.

Of course I am finding more rocks as I dig and having to move them around in order to get the floor dug out.

At the end of the day I was organizing rocks and moving big boulders around and I do believe one of the intended stone sculptures for the patio appeared.

Its permanent home will be just a jump to the left.

The other intended stone sculpture in the foreground is still in an unassembled condition. It will be centered around the second column. That one boulder on the left is hefty. I can only move it about an inch a time.

From this view the sculpture that appeared today will just move a step to the right.

A jump to the left.

In another dimension, there could be other intentions
This is a time slip
Using the earth's gifts
For a place of relaxing sensations.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

With all that jumpin, humpin, and jivin there you won't be getting any rest for awhile.

Rose said...

Christopher, my muscles ache just reading about all this moving of dirt and boulders:) Are you doing all this work by yourself? Oh, but what a beautiful place this will be when you are finished!

Frances said...

I had something in mind and saw Lisa's comment, that blew the words out the window! HA Oh yes, how about painting the stove pipe metal red? We do like to see you kept busy, looks like you are on a tear right now and having fun at the same time. Alllllriiiiight! And the rock sculptures are gifts from the soil. They do look of a familiar material, sailboats anyone? And just to let you know, the Clemmie stans was featured in a post today, with credit of course. The seeds did come from Chuck, right?


Christopher C. NC said...

Lisa, I just need to take a chair down there.

Rose I am doing all of the dirt digging and wall building and most of the lifting and toting. I do have help in my dad who is a retired building contractor. He is the brains and I am the muscle.

Yes Frances, the Clematis stans seeds came from Chuck B. Paint the stove pipe. Hmmm? My sculptures on the patio floor may have small planting beds around them as well for small plants. We'll see.

Siria said...

(not sure what is more entertaining...the post or the comments....hehehe...)

I am having a hard time visualizing you getting those huge boulders from the dirt you dug out of the floor of that patio. Did they really come from there?

Christopher C. NC said...

Siria those huge boulders did not come out of the floor of the patio so much as they came out of the slope the patio was cut into and were to big to move elsewhere and have been waiting for their final placement. I used other really large boulders as the steps and landing transitions from the patio back onto the slope.

Lola said...

Lisa at Greenbow & Siria, I agree with both. lol Got to love it.
It's a shame you don't have a bucket brigade to pass the soil up to it's place of honor.
I thought the same as Frances. Paint the stove pipe the same as the giant post. Then place a nice plant in front. You've got color all yr. in the plant.
Love those rocks {boulders} & what you plan to do with them.
Yeah, just take a chair down there so you can catch your breath for a moment or 2. Do be careful.

Cindy, My Corner of Katy said...

I had the same thought as Frances: I think the stove pipe would look quite smashing painted red!

Do you hire out for rock work? I'd happily fly you to Houston to help me build the wall in my courtyard. It would be child's play for you compared to that of the cozy cabin!