Saturday, July 11, 2009

Wiggled In To Place

Stone sculpture #2 for the patio was wiggled into place with a 2x4, other stones as leverage, brute force and determination.

It's ok, but I am not deeply moved. The larger stone is close to impossible to move so this needs to grow on me. And how does it work with the other stone sculpture that will move just a step to the right. Is it possible for a person to OD on stone?

Maybe it just needs a new position or another element. Tomorrow I will play with adding the old metal stove parts and see what happens. The tiniest little adjustments can make a world of difference.

And that is my world, one tiny adjustment after another that eventually add up to cause rubber neckers to slow down, turn around and come back, stop, backup, come in and contemplate pulling down the drive, but backing out instead and heading off down the road. What were they up to?

This picture doesn't really do justice to the floral bonanza that the roadside vegetable garden is right now after miles of dense shady forest. All of a sudden the trees open up, the sun comes through and thousands of blooming flowers assault the senses of passerby. What were they up to?

The Veronica spicata will need some minor adjustments too. I need more, a bunch more, like a whole river of it. It can be the second wave after the earlier blooming Salvia nemerosa and Lupine.

One small adjustment to the roadside vegetable garden this year was the planting of sunflowers.

Just for fun.


Carol said...

You should put some "googly eyes" on that sunflower, just for fun. That would slow down traffic!

Lola said...

That lavender blue color is out of this world. I love it.
The boulders sure look like they could stay in place for a life time. Don't know as I believe in rock OD.
Being I have a suspicious nature I would think the troubled passer-by's might be up to no good. Sure hope that is not the situation.

Anonymous said...

I think it's Uncle Ernie that makes them slow down, then maybe they notice the flowers. Then they wonder if there's more up the driveway, and last they think better of it.
I think that would be my reaction driving by your place!


Frances said...

Hi Christopher, those rocks are so big, what excellent raw material for your artistic talents. Are you wanting people to stop, or not wanting them to stop? I can't tell from your words. If they have bad intentions, well no. I can imagine the conversation in the car though, because The Financier and I have it all the time. She says, oh stop stop look how pretty. He says, this is private property we are not stopping. Oh look at that, just for a minute, pull in! Don't get out of this car, this is someone's home.


Anonymous said...

You almost have it - your own Stonehenge!
BTW, how is Crawford?

Lisa at Greenbow said...

The one stone is quite the brute. I hope its situation grows on you or someplace will call for the stone. Those minor adjustments are always being made here. I hope you are pleased that everyone is slowing to look at your lovely gardens. They probably hope to meet the gardener that has created such a lovely landscape.

Christopher C. NC said...

Carol, more googly eyes. It might cause a wreck.

Lola once those boulders are set they won't go anywhere. I try not to worry to much about people. The vast majority are kind and honest. The few meanies give us all a bad rap.

Bev, this spot in the forest is sort of like a Rorschach test for gardenrs I guess.

Frances I can hear that conversation you describe going on as I watch the cars that do this. I don't really need everyone that wants to to stop. I'd just feel better if they revealed their intentions.

Thanks Anonymous. Stonehendge was a crucial word today. Crawford is doing just fine. He has forgotten his trauma much quicker than me.

Lisa, that big brute of a stone stays where it is. I think after living for sixteen and a half years on a dead end street at the bottom of the property in a cottage below the main house I'm just not used to all this looking from passerbys. I never saw them for all those years.