Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Layers of Bloom

Mid summer has all kinds of flowers blooming. Some that are over my head and I can look up into the flower. Lilium superbum, Turk's Cap Lily

Many are at knee to waist level. These can easily be seen just by looking around.

All the different kinds of Rudbeckia are having a very good display this year.

I'm not sure this would be my favorite, but it is bold.

Underneath it all, hugging the ground is another whole world of blooms like this Prunella vulgaris, Heal All.

Thyme that has long since escaped cultivation to join the inhabitants of the meadow end of the vegetable garden is also in full bloom.

A couple of the sunflowers for fun in the roadside vegetable garden are well above my head.

The new Echinops bannaticus is showing its true, tiny blue flowers on a prickly head. I hope it seeds as readily as the Bull Thistle, Cirsium vulgare. The Echinops is significantly less vicious.

This blue will go very well with the Chicory's blue.


Lola said...

Beautiful. Love those Turks Cap. Fell in love with them yrs. ago when I spotted them in the mtns. They do get quite tall. Might make a match for my white lilies.

Gail said...

Christopher....the exotic and lovely Turk's Cap Lily has always been a wanna try this plant...but this garden wouldn't be kind to it...So, I'll continue to admire it from afar. Heal All may be my favorite weed...really! There is now a cultivar with larger flowers! We had a lot of rain...has it moved into your mountains? gail

Layanee said...

I love chicory blue and should invite some into the garden. I will have to look up its' origin. Native or not...hmmmm. Waiting for your visit.

Christopher C. NC said...

Lola the Turk's Cap are very abundant in the mountains as you know. Might as well grow them to enjoy.

Gail I think that last rain went mostly north after getting you. I bet there are other lilies you can grow. I know I'd do the Zephyranthus if I was lower down.

Layanee, Chicory is from Eurasia but totally naturalized in the US. I need to check in with my RI yahting friends.