Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Cozy Cabin's Colors

Because I don't have enough half finished projects going on at once it seemed logical to start another one. The siding needed to be painted before the new stair building commences. It will be easier to get to it now before a new platform and railings are added.

Then I wanted to see what the Artichoke gray would look like next to the Crafted White, ie light yellow trim and went around the corner a bit.

Then I wanted to see what the Artichoke gray would look like next to the Molera Vaquero Red. This little section of wall has put all the colors of the cozy cabin together, including the white of the vinyl window trim and the white of the underside of the metal roof. The blue is painters tape obviously.

But my plan is to paint the front and rear doors blue. Not this tape blue, but Waterloo which is just as bold of a blue, but a tone darker. The door frame will be the light yellow, Crafted White and the door itself will be the Waterloo blue. The tape will be removed.

That blue tape gives me a strong indication of what a blue door will look like though. My, it will be colorful.

Then imagine the rest of the cement columns painted the Molera Vaquero Red along with the two main girders that support the entire cabin. Bold. Thought has been given to having the front porch floor look like a Jackson Pollock painting using the Artichoke grey as a base and all the other colors Pollocked on top. Too much?


Lisa at Greenbow said...

I think your color combos are coming together nice. I don't believe a painted floor would be too much. It might be a delightful surprise when you walk up to the front door. The bold color of the door will seem tame with the Pollack floor.

Anonymous said...

Ooh, la la; I love that gray with the red! I am congenitally unable to visualize anything before seeing it so will defer to others on the floor.


Christopher C. NC said...

Lisa, the porch floor will be painted gray at the very least with a deck paint. I don't want to leave it as plain wood. If I hate the Pollock I can just paint over it. It is still just a wild thought though.

Bev, maybe I need to go find a Pollock painting in the right colors to link to.

Deviant Deziner, aka Michelle said...

I'm enjoying the color combo, especially the red that you chose.

Looks like the cozy cabin is really coming together nicely.


Lola said...

Love your color choices. I think the floor in Polluck just may tie all the colors together.
I noticed that the sun at that time of day was shining on you lower deck. I take it that this pic was taken in late afternoon!!! Boy, that is perfect. Images in my mind.

Christopher C. NC said...

Two years now Michelle, two years. It is coming together slowly. The red was the hardest color to decide to use and I am liking it the most. My interior walls will likely be a red tone too.

Lola late evening around 7pm is when I usually go for a stroll and take pictures. That is when the light is generally best at this time of year. The front porch will have all the colors and be the most intense while the rest of the cabin will be all gray walls and light yellow window trim, kind of non-descript.

Anonymous said...

Regarding your "nondescript" gray walls, it occurs to me that that rich gray will probably pick up the gray tree trunks in winter. Could be very nice; we shall see.


Siria said...

Hello Christopher!
WOW...I love it! Your choice of colors is dramatic and stunning. I love the color combination and although at first thought I didn't think I would like the Pollack floor, I am beginning to think it would be a delightful surprise as Lisa says.

linknblogs said...

I completely agree with much of what the other comments say; this color scheme is lovely! I would probably walk into the paint section of my favorite DIY store and pick up artichoke gray and say, nice color, but I'm just not bold enough, too dark. However, I'm so happy you did pick up that color because it is beautiful and coupled with the white window trim and the red, your cozy cottage is to die for! Great work, thank you for sharing!