Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Drip. Sigh.

I climbed up to the roof, stuck a hose in the vent pipe to fill the drain lines with water and there were leaks. Like the pollen dripping from the anthers on this wonderful smelling lily, there were drips of water leaking from the pipes. At least there were only four leaks and not the six dripping anthers this lily has.

The inspection was cancelled.

So I cut out all the bad parts. That happens to the wild flowers often enough just because there are so many that take up space for other desired things. In this case the desired thing would be for pipes that don't leak.

I looked inside these cut pipes and they were all very well connected. There was no reason they should be leaking. None that I could see. It is torment.

And tomorrow we will start putting it all back together again.

There is good news. The water lines that will deliver water to the leaky drains were all perfectly fine and held pressure to 70 psi with nary a drip.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

How disappointing. I know you can fix it. Best of luck.

Word verification is kinglac. So appropriate for the Kings' posting.

Anonymous said...

Well, from the voice of sad experience, better to find out now than later. I'm sure it will work the 2nd time!


Gail said...

it's always something! gail

Siria said...

I had a day like that yesterday too! I know today will be a better day for you. Good luck ....

Christopher C. NC said...

Yea Lisa it was a bummer, but like Bev says it is better to find out now than after it is all insulated and closed up.

Gail it would have been nice if it was something else.

Siria, today was better. It is now half reassembled, two leaks repaired. I made sure plenty of the solvent glue went on this time. Plenty.

Lola said...

Sorry about your leaks Christopher. You will have them repaired in no time. All will be fine.