Monday, July 27, 2009

The Service Entrance

Is now open.

It is not finished obviously, but I can now walk into and out of the back kitchen door. It makes a world of difference.

The framing for the next platform is done. This will be three steps down in the position it is seen in. It will end up below the top of the block wall. From there will be the stairs down to the basement patio.

I can walk in and out of the back kitchen door now. It feels good.


Carol said...

Hmmm, pretty soon you'll be carry produce from the garden in through that door!


Christopher C. NC said...

Carol I may have to sneak it in that door. There has already been some rumblings of concern from my resident chef about what will happen to all her fresh produce when I move out. I kind of said if she will still cook for me she can have it all, maybe. Today I gave her cucumbers and she made pickles. Things are fine for now.

Siria said...

Looking great!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Very Kingly of you allowing the chef to have the fresh produce. I bet it is exciting having another step done to your CC.

Frances said...

My what a lovely color combination. It looks so familiar too. Except for that red, which knocks your eyeballs for a loop. I need some of that somewhere too. Reading back the previous posts, the rock ennui was surprising. Perhaps you were just tired? The proposed machine moved boulders complete with gravel sounds yummy. The steps to the patio will be a joy as well. How many times have you gone in and out the back door, just because you could?
back in business, it seems

Lola said...

Great for coming & going. Saves some steps to help the resident--soon to be.