Friday, April 16, 2010

A Bit Of What's Out There

There really is more going on out there than will fit in a single Bloom Day post.

There are other stray tulips about.

And of course there are daffodils. If I showed a single variety a day it could take three months to show all the different kinds.

The flowering quince has been overlooked until now.

The loft floor got stained today. A little pint of stain goes a long way. I only used 3/4's of a can for the floor. I think I can get by without gallon buckets of stain just fine.

I had to see what it looked like on one of the cross beams. Now imagine the drywall walls a bold color, not too dark, something in a yellow, brown, gold, hint of red or orange blend to flow with the tile and stain. Finding this mystery color will be interesting.

The phlox are blooming. I keep planting things on the slope at the top right of the cabin's driveway hoping one of them will assert itself on that full sun hill and be declared the winner.

I have a Serviceberry tree down by the cabin too. The beat up apples and mega thorny Hawthorne will be blooming next. They will be coming out shortly I hope in favor of some nicer blooming trees.

The sunny utility meadow is primarily a summer blooming affair.

You can't have things get too bunched up in bloom time or we would be looking at solid green as long as the winter whites and greys.

That is some of what I saw on a post staining stroll.

There is plenty more staining to do and plenty more flowers to come.

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Lisa at Greenbow said...

Your flowers and projects are coming along nice this spring. If you find an object the color that you want to paint your walls there are places that can match it. It is like magic. A machine looks at the object and spits out the right mix. Magic I tell ya.