Monday, April 26, 2010

A Stormy Night

Sometimes the weathers require I use the down stairs smoking lounge. It has a pleasant view and just a bit more of a covered overhang.

I'm used to all the strange noises the forest makes. It doesn't scare me much after dark. There is a porch light.

And an old rake handle for anything that might lunge out of the darkness.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

I giggled thinking that the creatures of the forest are thinking they are seeing a one-red-eyed monster in their mist while you are outside puffing after dark.

I was pleased to see that you made it by my blog this weekend. I know you hate coming there due to the large downloads. Thanks for stopping by anyway.

Anonymous said...

The problem is that every so often there are new and different night noises....

The third photo looks like it wandered in from an exhibition of Tiffany leaded-glass windows.

Julie in Henderson Co.

Lola said...

I had to chuckle also. But don't think anything is going to jump out at you. I use to wander my woods when up there. Nice, quiet & private.

Christopher C. NC said...

Lisa hopefully it scares them more than I am of their scurrying. Your blog actually loads fine. I just visit more than I comment. I just read the most beautiful thing and don't know what to say. Peace That happens alot.

Julie that is why it is good for me to get to know the normal sounds of the forest. Then the new sounds will stand out.

Lola mostly it is the raccoon or the possum strolling through. The raccoon might startle and run. The possum just ambles.

Anonymous said...

That trellis is superb, Christopher. Night noises, a test for the hearing. Lots of rain and more to come. That should help with the deficit.

sweet bay said...

Beautiful view from your downstairs lounge.