Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Under The Cherry Tree

Spring truly is the most amazing thing in this mid level climate zone. The tropics in their even steadiness never approach the drama such instantaneous transformations can have.

Floral explosions are happening every where you look on this last day of heat.

Cool is coming, a light freezing cool. This one should not be a problem. That doesn't mean we are safe yet and so much is so budded out.

It is best to enjoy it in the now.


Cyndy said...

A good reminder to enjoy the now of springtime!

Anonymous said...

What a scene with the blue chairs and petal shedding cherry tree, heavenly. I do hope this cold snap is mild and short lived, too much is too far along to recover from any worse, like shudder, '07.

I do hope the contractor is recovering nicely. Way to go, Bulbarella for mastering the internet to see her beloved bulbs.

Tom - 7th Street Cottage said...

I couldn't imagine living in a warmer zone where winter is tossed under the bus as spring arrives. So much has leafed out and bloomed here in the flatlands of NC, that a freeze would destroy entire plants at this point. We've had 90+ days two in a row. Rain tomorrow and a slight cooling until the upper 80s return next week. It's a great time to work outside with plants. I love this state.

Siria said...

WOW...another beautiful cherry tree! I agree with Frances, what a scene with those blue chairs. Love the forsythia too. Can I just transplant them to my place?!

Pam/Digging said...

Lovely color in that last picture, and the cherry tree is stunning, especially juxtaposed with the blue chairs.

Christopher C. NC said...

Cyndy there is a little lesson in enjoy the now every year around here it seems.

Frances this freeze looks like a piece of cake. If there is no wind it may not even freeze up top. That's when the cold sinks to the bottom. May not be the last freeze though. The surgery went very smoothly. Let's hope the rehab is the same. that is the hard part.

Hi Tom. Hopefully this cool spell will slow things down a bit. Right now things up here are in the swelling stage for the most part and are not leafed out. They can handle some cold in this stage.

Siria if you need forsythia, I have a shovel.

Pam I could spend the entire day taking pictures of this burst of flowering staying strictly on my usual route.

Lola said...

Yes, do enjoy this time. Can't believe that a slight freeze is threatening.
The Cherry Tree & the blue chairs are it. I adore the split rail fence scene.

Siria said...

OK...that is a deal! But first I need to get you over to my place. Hopefully soon.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

DRAMA. A great way to say it. So much drama going on in the garden now. Don't you just want to go sit under that cherry Tree and watch the drama unfold around you.