Sunday, April 18, 2010

Life Returns

To the High Mountains.

This morning's low was 34.5 degrees. We will be there or lower again in the morning. I have my fingers crossed.

Today I saw the first hummingbird. It was close to literally knocking on the front door, hovering there while I looked out the window. I fumbled around for an hour and got a feeder full of sugar water up and did not see him for the rest of the day. The days are filled with new bird song and activity in the garden to which I am not a part.

Meanwhile my stupid Hughes satellite internet is dying by degrees. For the last several weeks, between about 7 to 10:30 pm it refuses to open my gmail or do a search on any search engine. Sorry cannot connect. Stupid Hughes!

I fumbled around for awhile trying to do some staining today. All the stuff inside the cabin is in the way. I decided it would be best if I sealed the newly stained loft floor before I use it as a storage space for all the stuff. Once all the stuff is up there then I can finish the staining and do the tile floors. Of course I had to go to town for the sealer.

Then I needed a nap.


Anonymous said...

So ... about that mysterious second photo, Christopher:

Are you taking up impressionism? Should we blame Hughes for zapping something as you were uploading it? Is it just a guessing game I can't figure the answer to? Or a new pattern for staining the cottage floors? Or maybe something you dreamed about when you took the nap?

I do like the colors....

Julie in Henderson Co.

Anonymous said...

What??!! YOU took a NAP??? About time you got some sense. (:


Christopher C. NC said...

Julie that second photo believe it or not is a picture of the forest in the back 40. I was deliberately trying to take a blurred/movement image to create a nap scene, but the sun was to bright and it kept being over exposed. So I played with it in the photo editor.

Bev sometimes the nap is more powerful than me.