Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Changing Colors Of Bloom Day

After a long winter of white ... juxtaposed with the somber greys and browns of a hibernating forest, the spell is broken with more white, a dash of purple and lavendar, a riot of yellow and the expanding hues of green.

It takes some time before a new color is added. We have now reached cherry pink.

Possibly even a shocking level of fuschia pink to eyes still not quite adjusted. Funny how the deep crimson pink of the redbuds blooming all along the biways seems more soothing and cheerful.

A roadside peach pink on a sadly misshapen tree is perking up the scene down in the sunny utility meadow. This is a wild peach, maybe a spit out of the passing car peach.

It has been all white and yellow with a dash of green for a while now.

Green is spreading well. Pink is shouting.

The later white iberis will add a subduing note to the coming color expansion.

So far there have only been tiny hints of blue.

A softer yellow in the Trout Lily fades in the strong dappled light.

While white in the deep forest, shady even in its nakedness, is a beacon to finding what blooms in there.

A dash of red. Just a dash so far.

Of course there are daffodils for Garden Bloggers Bloom Day. I have mentioned the daffodils before right?

I would imagine if you went to Bloom Day headquarters in the thriving zone 5, soon to be improved by design garden (hard to imagine) of Miss Carol of May Dreams, you might be led to a few more gardens with daffodils to show if you haven't gotten enough of them here.

I have a few more to show you first. It's a white one.

This one is kind of cute with the little pom pom center filling. Looks to be 'Yellow Cheerfulness'.

Daffodils sit on the edge of the deep forest near a future path leading down to the stream. The baby Japanese maple that may one day grace the entrance to the tea house gateway of the path is leafing out. Sure hope we do not get another hard freeze.

Soon enough a thick green backdrop will permeate the mountaintop and help the multiplying colors show off to best advantage.

It's a might early, but it seems summer has arrived. I sure hope there is no sudden change of heart.

Because this year I am going to grow me some full sized cantaloupe if it is going to be hot. And help me but I am tempted to plant my vegetable garden now. A compromise will be a planting on May first, two weeks before our last annual frost date. That is two weeks away yet. I'll have plenty of time to consider it.


Anonymous said...

Ah, yes; I know the early veg garden temptation well. Inevitably it gets cold again. The tomatoes just sit there. Some say it stunts them.
I have ended up waiting till mid May even down here in the coastal plain, although my tomatoes grow in big pots out in the wind and weather on my dock.
I love your droll humor about the daffodils. I think I will buy some more; obviously I do not have enough now I have seen Bulbarella's garden. (:


chuck b. said...

You can plant peas and stuff now, but no melons! No cold, or even cool, for melons--or I would grow them.

Next year, I want daffodils with dark yellow/orange cups and yellow perianths. Right now I have daffodils with white perianths that are very insufficiently cheerful in winter.

Queer by Choice said...

It may be only a dash, but those red tulips are truly eye-catching.

Les said...

Pink demands to be heard at this time of year. We are about to enter the throws of Azalea season here, color will be screaming as you drive around town. Happy belated GBBD!

Sylvana said...

The wooded backdrop is amazing. And the huge swaths of flowers is gorgeous! That's what I am going for in parts of my garden.

I love the dog tooth lilies. I have tried to grow them, but apparently the squirrels love them too.