Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Freeze Warning

This is serious. It would not surprise me if there was snow on the ground in the morning. Right now there is 4 degrees of separation between me and snow.

A big part of me doesn't really care. I have been sniffing stain fumes all day. It was rainy, windy and 50 and only two windows were barely open for ventilation. Or I'm just getting used to the notion that this is how it is and has always been in these parts.

I'm getting there. One half ceiling, main cross beams and mini-loft to go. I had to reorganize the stuff first. It's all in the main loft now.

The purple violets, Viola sororia are really starting to put on a show.

A little snow and frost won't bother them.

There is a reason our average annual last frost date is scheduled for May 15th. I just may need to put my long underwear back on.


Carol said...

We have a frost warning here, with a predicted low of 34F. Most everything will be fine, though, as long as people didn't do something dumb like plant tomatoes and peppers outside. I can't tell you how many times I've been asked this spring if it is safe to plant tender plants since it has been so warm. No, it is not safe. At least May 15th...

Stay warm!

Christopher C. NC said...

Carol, Lowes is making a fortune off of people who do dumb things. Me I screech to halt, give an interior shout of NO! and move on to the perennials and shrubs.

The vegetable garden is all ready for May 15th and I sowed my beet seeds. I even think I saw some lettuce coming up.

Antique ART Garden said...

I'm one of those dumb people Lowes ( & Home Depot ), makes money off of now, but at least I never moved to the mountains to freeze in late April , stay warm, Gina

Christopher C. NC said...

Gina my first year here I had some squash and melons succumb to hypothermia in the 40's. It didn't even freeze. Last year I cheated and planted warm stuff around May 1st. This year I better wait.

Antique ART Garden said...

Was just teasing you , of course you should wait. Keep staying warm up there ! Gina

fairegarden said...

That is why the last winter of spring in the Appalachian region is linsey-woolsey winter, sometime in mid May. The final cold snap before you can put away the long johns. I am wearing mine today too, but we did not have frost. Yet. The stain looks sooooo good! :-)

Anonymous said...

I hope you didn't have snow last night.

Despite our relative locations, many of your plants have been a week ahead of mine -- yet my violets are now past their prime, so I assume they bloomed before yours.

I trust yours are more than simply purple? Here -- freebies from the pasture -- they are purple, red-purple, blue, pure white, and white with various amounts of purple streaks. The better part of 200 I moved to a huge shade garden under the giant cherries (with bracken fern from the pasture and some shade lovers from the nursery).

Good job on the ceiling (as always).

Julie in Henderson Co.

Dee @ Red Dirt Ramblings said...

The cabin looks great. Our temps got low, but not frost, thank goodness.~~Dee