Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Out There Outside

Is it Bloom Day yet?

The Tree Peony


Inhale. Lilac.

Rhododendron, the first big one to bloom.

Larkspur, Delphinium tricorne

Euphorbia polychroma

Primrose off the path.

Trilliums and more trilliums.

Dinner is over.

Wake Robin, Trillium erectum still blooming. Then I found another one further down the hill!

Playing with trillium.

All that was found outside by taking my tired self on an evening stroll.


Siria said...

Hi Christopher! WOW..just gorgeous! It's bloom day every day at your place. Did I miss something last year or do you have many more trilliums this year than you did last year? That tree peony is incredible! Hope your weather has warmed up some.

Lola said...

Tired to stroll but didn't you feel refreshed afterward?
Brother brought me some lovelies so I must figure out how to get them into the ground. Maybe a post hole digger {knees shot}. Hope they get better soon.

Christopher C. NC said...

Siria we are having a good trillium year. There may be a few more this year than last. My first spring here '08' after the Great Easter Freeze of '07' not so good. The sun came out at least, still cool.

Lola maybe it is time for some nice high raised planter boxes. After the stroll I was more relaxed, still kind of wore out from work today planting and mulching the new foundation bed for a client.

Randy Emmitt said...


Thanks for all the trilliums! I missed the past few years getting out to the mountains to find some. Enjoyed all your blooms.

Lola said...

The planter boxes are the way to go to get some gardening up to a comfortable height. Easier on the old back. If you remember I have one on each post of the cl fence. Do try it.

sweet bay said...

It's definitely Bloom Day at your place! Beautiful. We lived in western PA for 3 years and the climate was pretty much like that of the NC mountains. There were incredible spreads of white trilliums in many of the parks.

Dee @ Red Dirt Ramblings said...

Christopher, I wish it were Bloom Day too. Love all your blooms. Found myself wanting them all, but I reminded myself that I can't grow rhodies. They just don't like my alkaline soil. Glad they like yours. That's a pretty lilac, wonder which one it is?~~Dee

Les said...

It appears that your non-bloom day blooms survived the potential freeze. I hope you have a good weekend.