Monday, April 19, 2010

Seen From The Side Of The Road

I have my usual route. They don't call it a scenic byway for nothing. The motorcyclists who tour the road call it the "Rattler" because of the number of curves in the road coming or going from Hot Springs. It's a winding road.

Every once in a while I stop to take a picture which is not easy on a road with no shoulders.

There are not many days when a photo worthy scene isn't passed as I drive by.

Waiting at my destination

The tulips that survived.

Just imagine what the garden would look like if close to 2000 tulip bulbs hadn't been eaten up over the winter.


Siria said...

Hi Christopher! Beautiful pictures! Those varmits must have been very hungry this winter!

Randy Emmitt said...


Those are stunning tulips, must be awful tasty too! Shame to spend all that money and time to get just a handful.

Christopher C. NC said...

Siria I am looking forward to a drive in a different valley mid-week. They say it was a bad winter. For me sure. Down there, there was no snow pack. The grass stayed green. I don't get why now after 10 years of bulb planting the varmints went nuts.

Fortunately for me Randy I was payed to plant the bulbs purchased by someone else. They were very disappointed.

Les said...

Your viewing public appreciates the risks you take sharing your world.

Benjamin Vogt said...

Those farm views are so relaxing, even while not in person. I need this as I grad stuent essasy and poems furiously at the end of the term.