Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Flowers For Post Surgery

The building contractor got a new knee today. The surgery went fine. No surprises. No complications. Tomorrow the real fun begins, rehab. Maybe a nurse there has a laptop, otherwise he will have to wait for his flowers from his mountain top garden until he gets back home in a few days.

No waiting to see flowers for his caregiver, Bulbarella, now that she can get on the computer herself. She will deserve flowers too.

The Trout Lily, Erythronium is back, getting ready to bloom.

The daffodil's blooms have survived the last day of heat. Only the very first 'Jetfire' and "Rip Van Winkle' have closed up shop. Next they must survive potential thunderstorms before the cool arrives. They just need to remain at peak bloom until Monday. There is company coming on Sunday.

Now lets hope too that the little freeze coming with the cool, is a little freeze that comes and goes quickly.

This magnolia gets frozen more often than not. This year it is sneaking in its peak bloom under the wire. There would be more of them here if they weren't such a constant disappointment. The Magnolia stellata is worth a try and is on my acquisition list.

In the morning and late evening light Bulbhilla is other worldly. The daffodil's colors glow. The sheer abundance becomes stunning. The camera or the photographer is simply incapable of capturing that feeling.

Just daffodils.

Now that the weathers are to their liking, the kitties have rejoined me for garden strolls.


It has been a might breezy and closeup shots have been a bit of a stretch.

Get well soon Dad. Hang in there Mom.

Your mountain top garden will be ready for the next round of chores when you get here. Just think how much better it will be with your new knee.


chuck b. said...

Impressive clumps, for sure.

Magnolia stellata is always so expensive here. And it's never available in 1-gallon pots, just 4-gallons or larger. It must grow very slowly. I don't know it doesn't get very big. Anyway, it's just as well that I haven't been able to acquire it. There is no room.

Lola said...

My Magnolia has bloomed already. Now it has it's leaves. It was given to me by a friend that couldn't find someone to set it out for her. I offered.
Glad the surgery went well. The rehab will take time. Just some work on Dad's part. Prayers were said for both. I hope they can return to their beloved mtns soon.

Siria said...

I am sending many prayers and Get Well wishes to the Building Contractor. May he have a very speedy recovery! My thoughts and prayers are also with Bulbarella as I know her job is not an easy one as caretaker and head nurse. I know the pictures of Bulbhilla will give them both many smiles. Christopher, you have done an amazing job as the resident gardy. I know both of them must be very proud!

Siria said...

and I forgot to add, beautiful pictures of this majestic place!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

The Parents will appreciate all of these photos of their gorgeous blooms. I am sending healing thoughts and prayers for Dad and strenght and courage for Mom.

Anonymous said...

Best wishes to your parents; it is not easy to get older and fight through the accompanying health problems large and small. But the mountain will motivate him to become mobile!
I love all the daffodils; it has given me inspiration for my own woodland areas where there are no tended beds. Does Bulbarella have issues with their dying leaves, or are they in an area where they don't matter?

We hit 90 degrees down here in the Mid Atlantic coastal plain; it stinks.



Rose said...

Best wishes to your Dad; I hope he is back on his feet soon. And good wishes to your mother as well; it's not easy being the caretaker, I know.

We had a magnolia tree at our former house, and every other year it would get hit by a freeze before it had a chance to bloom. But the other years, when April was kind, were worth all those disappointments! I hope yours survives the cool weather and continues to bloom.

It's been a while since I've visited, Christopher, and what a beautiful sight your gardens are this spring! Too bad about the missing tulips, but all those gorgeous daffodils certainly make up for them.

Anonymous said...

May your dad heal completely and quickly, Christopher, and Bulbarella get her daffodil fix from the photos. Some day I will see this show for myself. Good luck with the tourists! Magnolia Jane is a better pick, IMHO.