Monday, December 26, 2011

Back In The Land Of Snowdrops

The journey south is complete. I wonder if the south is moving north this winter though. There has been a lack of snow and cold compared to winters past. Snowdrops are already attempting to bloom much earlier than what may be good for them.

The diagnosis is calling for the other kind snowdrops for tomorrow night and slightly cooler temperatures to follow, but nothing of the wicked winter variety, just more rain followed by a possible light dusting.

The grounds not even froze. I could transplant some more snowdrops to the point of the new cabin front bed right now if I so desire. I just might satisfy that desire.

I think I will also plant the sack of Lycoris squamigera that followed me home from my grandmother's garden in this spot. I have been kind of harping at Bulbarella that we needed more fall blooming bulbs. This fall blooming Lycoris was listed as hardy to zone 5. I said buy some. She said, "I have tons of them in Florida and they never bloom for me there. I think the grasshoppers eat the flower buds."

So I dug up a bunch of them and brought some back with me. Two more sacks were sent off to two of the siblings southern gardens. Maybe they don't have grasshopper issues. My sack goes here.

Now it has been said never dig a bulb from that far south and bring it this far north, much less this high up and expect it to live. These Lycoris in particular could have 80 plus years of southern adaptation bred in to them.

Yea, yea, whatever. It's worth the risk and you can't beat free. I wasn't supposed to survive in this climate either. This first winter up here may be a bit of a shock for them since they are already leafed out. If they re-sync themselves to a new climate, the foliage should come up later in the spring, die back over the summer and then they will bloom in the early fall.

A milder first winter might be all these Naked Ladies need to settle in to their new home.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

I don't think you can kill Naked Ladies. They might pout for awhile but they will survive...hopefully.

Christopher C. NC said...

I was thinking maybe I should force them to at least put on a dress for the winter.

Siria said...

Welcome home Christopher! It's always nice to come "home sweet home".

Lola said...

Welcome home Christopher & the ladies will be fine. Maybe a thin dress will help with their transfer.
Our weather is about the same without the white stuff. I can feel the difference.

Anonymous said...

You are way too funny - "I wasn't supposed to survive in this climate either." Yes, given your provenance of Hawaii, it's a miracle! I am sure the Naked Ladies will take the hint and follow your lead.
Happy New Year!