Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Practice in Nothingness

It has rained all day and I have been trapped inside. The diagnosis calls for rain all day tomorrow. That will be followed by another bout of snow. It is rather pleasant to have a slow leisurely morning knowing I don't have anything pressing to get to. Then I start to get antsy. I should be doing something.

My physical body luxuriates in the lack of motion, the still nothingness. It seizes the opportunity to pursue nothing. That is no surprise. My mind rebels. There is a list of projects I should be attending to. Odds and ends do get done in between long bouts of nothing at least.

The first day or two the body, deservedly, wins this contest of wills. At least I hope that is how it pans out.

There is a list of projects I should be attending to. They're just hard to attend to in the rain and/or snow. I have piles of rubbish to burn, downed trees to process, walls to build. There are inside items on this list as well. I just haven't been in the mood to start another construction process.

Just before dark the rain paused. I wandered outside to fetch dinner. That would be something. Can you believe it? The roadside vegetable garden is like a big refrigerator keeping food fresh for me until I am ready to harvest it. I wandered outside on December 6th to fetch dinner from the garden. I got potatoes, a carrot, radishes, lots of spinach and some mache. This roadside vegetable garden has real potential. There is still plenty more food out there hiding in the ground.

I like the harvesting part more than the cooking part, but I managed. It actually turned out quite tasty.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

It looks like you had a perfect day.

Christopher C. NC said...

Lisa a perfect day would mean I had a load of laundry done. Not.

Barry said...

Chris, I know your conflict well. as I had attempted an ungainly epigrammatic reply, but the gods here in Maui made that kapu. I atone! Please pick up a yellow notepad and let the introspection trace your steps ahead. The power of recording these rare introspective
moments will overcome all. Your energies return.

Christopher C. NC said...

Pomaika'i the blog is more my yellow notepad of introspection. If I pick up a yellow notepad I am more likely to make a list. Actually a yellow notepad would be better for lists than the little message pads I use.

Lola said...

A good day indeed. Sure like going out & gathering dinner. Lettuce here provides plenty of salads. Must plant more.
There is always something to do. Chores never stop.

Christopher C. NC said...

Lola now is definitely your time for lettuce and lots of other greens. In the cool they will grow nice and fat and not bolt.

Anonymous said...

A list-maker; a man after my own heart! As one who also feels guilty when idle, I say, don't listen to that little voice!
I love the idea of going out and fetching dinner. The cooking part with come with time.