Thursday, July 26, 2012

In Training

Raccoons number five and six are proving more elusive. There was a trap malfunction two nights ago. The tall piece of tupperware with a big scoop of peanut butter inside was removed from the trap and licked clean without triggering the trap. Last night my invitation to a sweet corn dinner was not accepted, unless you count the mice. The hunt continues.

It is a very different experience showing baby kitties the world outdoors for the first time when I know mean varmints are around than trying to encourage half wild baby kitties to come inside when it is starting to get cold. The curiosity level is similar, but the fear level in the new kitties is much lower. Somehow I don't see that as an advantage for them in the wilderness.

Little Button checks for movement. He has the right instincts. They had been outside at least four times before they were willing to go off the deck out into all that green Lush and have a look around.

Miss Dina romps. I suppose she is a tortoiseshell of sorts without the orange. I have just never seen this color combo in a cat before. I wonder if this pattern has a name.

They are only 11 weeks old at this point. It will be a couple more months and a couple more pounds before I consider letting them out for short unsupervised visits. Miss Collar has met them three times now. She is not friendly. At least she isn't mean.

We have the rest of the summer and fall for Miss Collar to get used to the notion that she has family again. When the kittens are big enough, taking garden strolls together will be a good way for them bond.

And they will need to bond. Come winter all four of us will be living in the cozy cabin.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

The awwww factor in this post is magnificent. Such sweet kitties.

sallysmom said...

I love kittens too.

Janet, The Queen of Seaford said...

Nothing cuter than a kitten exploring a new area. Your little kittens are really cute.

Lola said...

What cuties. They are so playful at this age. Miss collar & them will be fine.