Saturday, July 28, 2012

Red Doors

It is getting close to the annual West Asheville Garden Stroll. My volunteer duties still include picture taking. That means I get a sneak peak at things.

Another gardener knows about the wonders of wood chip mulch.

A different kind of impatiens.

I was there at the exact right time to see the bloom spikes glow.

Another red door. I don't think my eyes are deceiving me. This old garage looks slightly askew.

Stone lips.

Reflections of the eclectic neighborhoods of West Asheville.

A red house with a green door.

There is so much to see on a slow stroll through the neighborhoods. This is only a small sample of the 17 gardens on this year's stroll.


Lisa at Greenbow said...


Lola said...

Nice stroll.

sallysmom said...

The flowers in your 2nd pic I call touch-me-nots. I got the seed for mine from 2 sweet old ladies who have been dead for about 20 years.

Katie Doan said...

What a tease! WAGS is so much fun (even before the tour)

Christopher C. NC said...

Sallysmom, the touch-me-nots were in the quite large garden of a sweet old lady.

Katie, anticipation can be a good thing. Don't want to give too much away.

Janet, The Queen of Seaford said...

That second red door is off or a good optical illusion. I like those Impatiens...used to have them in VA.