Sunday, July 29, 2012

Moving On

A gentle wind blows through. The grass bends. At times gale force winds blow through. The grass bends.

When the hibiscus start to bloom you know the mid point of summer has passed. Look at the size of the flower compared to the other branch of the plant. The plants haven't gotten much bigger over the years so much as they send up more stalks each year. The flowers have always been huge by comparison.

Butterflies and more kind bees than my failing eyes can see feed in a tall flower meadow half filled with weeds.

At this point in the summer the grasses really begin to shine. They have reached full height and can stand above the Lush even before they begin to bloom. Without a doubt the grasses have been the quickest way to add a little privacy to the gardens. The baby trees and shrubberies will take a good deal longer to achieve the same results.

Everything moves on.


Lola said...

Sure like that grass. Hibiscus looks grand. Mine tries to bloom in the winter & the cold knocks it down. Sad.
Had a wind/rain/thunder/lightening period this afternoon. Hurricane season, you know.

Christopher C. NC said...

That first grass is the Feather Reed grass and the second is Miscanthus 'Morning Light'.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

You are so lucky to have so much space to be able to let those grasses get huge. This is when they look their best.