Friday, August 17, 2012

Long After The Fall

At at certain point during the creation of man our brains got a bit bigger than what was needed for our mere day to day survival. We finally realized hunting and gathering was really a lot of hard work. There was a lot of competition and half the time you came up empty handed and went hungry. Plenty beasts would actually try to gather you. There were a lot of really powerful forces out there much bigger than a tiny man.

Then it dawned on humans. They were not in control. Surely something must be in control of all this.

Let us pray.

I thought just maybe after relocating four raccoons to a more populated section of the county I might get to eat me some sweet corn this year. I missed a few and they invaded the corn patch. Raccoons are a force more powerful than me.

I have a trap now and went back to work. The first four chewed the wire off the trip lever and now all that is left is the metal frame. Any varmint in there would have to step on a narrow bar to close the trap and that wasn't happening as easily. They got away with the marshmallows in a short piece of  tupperware and another half dozen ears of my not quite ready sweet corn.

The last two nights I saw a skunk waddling so close to the front porch I thought it was going to come up, take a seat and join me. Oh crap! What will I do if I catch a skunk in that trap? I give. I give. You win. Eat my sweet corn.

I surrender. I am not in control.

Such a pretty flower, a big red hibiscus, that no one wants to eat or steal. I'll have to grow the things that nothing else would want.

Paying homage to St. Francis has been no help at all. Both his legs got broken.

I live in a fallen world where I am not in control. When I grow sweet corn I often come up empty handed.


Dianne said...

We got three great meals off our sweet corn. The raccoon got many more. We have never had problems with them prior to this year. Guess the Great Pyrenees has too much to do. I think next year, I am going to have a smaller garden. I may have to get my corn at the farmer's market.

I love the red hibiscus. I have intended to get one. Maybe next year. And just how did St. Francis get his legs broken?

Christopher C. NC said...

I don't know how St. Francis got both his legs broken. I found him in a ditch behind the little chapel while I was weeding.

Lola said...

Love the little chapel. All one can do is pray.
Oh no, the trap didn't work. Skunks weren't in the picture at the time. Memory loss. Was hoping for some gathering of the sweet corn.
Enjoyment of the front porch is great. Silence is golden when waddling is going on. Hold

Christopher C. NC said...

Lola I am hoping this skunk has not decided to move in with me. Third time I have seen it this week. I need to rewire the trip lever on the trap so it is a full panel for better results.

Lola said...

Sure hope you get them sweet corn eaters & not the stinky thing. Don't need any visitors either.

Janet, The Queen of Seaford said...

I too would throw in the towel when it comes to skunks. Pee-ewww. Poor St. Francis.

rainymountain said...

How about an electric fence around your sweetcorn?

Christopher C. NC said...

Janet we don't mess with skunks.

Rainy mountain I have thought of fencing, but it would ruin the aesthetics and the flow through the garden. Overall it's not an area that would be easy to fence, unless I did just part of the garden.

Les said...

God provides sweet corn at Food Lion too.