Monday, August 6, 2012

The Wild Time

By this time of year the battle feels like it is over. Fatigue sets in. Weeding seems pointless. The wild things have won and will now have their way. Many of the wild things are desirable like the Boneset and this unidentified species of Goldenrod.

There are at least four Goldenrods up here, maybe more, some more desirable than others. This one by the front porch I don't recognize as being common. It seems new. Maybe I just haven't looked close enough. I like it better than the more common one though. I can always weed my way to the preferred species.

Maybe there will be more spurts of weeding before it is all over just to stop the unwanted from setting seed, but you can see it is a major editorial task. I can also see my efforts have already made a difference. The face of a tall flower meadow is changing.

But there is a lot of ground to cover. A large dose of gardening insanity says it just may be possible to drastically alter the species composition of what will largely remain wild.

I hear a voice that says tend to the baby shrubberies, open the paths one more time, but just let it be. Let it finish the summer the way it wants to.

I have more civilized areas to keep weeded and a basement patio that needs to be re-civilized. There are no shortage of chores. I could let the garden becoming just be until spring.

I could, but what are the chances of that happening?


Lisa at Greenbow said...

IF you left it be the next thing we would read is "I shoulda, coulda and will". :) CAn't wait to see what you will be doing to the patio area.

sallysmom said...

How are the kittens?

Christopher C. NC said...

Lisa the basement patio is long neglected. I need to finish that.

The kitties are doing fine Sallysmom. Eating well and bouncing off the walls like they should.

Barry said...

I say, clear those paths, then contemplate. OK, time's up, gloves somehow are on again. No way you'd lose to the weediest part. Then you can add that next touch of refinement to the basement patio. It continues to wait, patiently.

Lola said...

So much to do but so little time. Just paths to see what is going on. There is always tomorrow. The winding down of Summer is to be appreciated even with the thugs.
Glad the kitties are doing so well. I suspected they would.
Second rain for today. I dare say we have enough.
Went to let fur baby out the other evening & a garter snake was laying up against the house by the door. I let it go on it's way.