Saturday, August 25, 2012

Tinged With Blood

I did say something a while back about letting things be for the rest of the season, but we all knew that was not going to happen. You can't just pull one weed. Once I get started I become a man possessed.

The good news is I am closing in on eliminating the tall fescue grass on the slope below the cozy cabin. By spring I will be able to get rid of the remnants. That bare soil makes for good germination of my other preferred weeds. I even found my first baby Clematis stans while clearing this section of the slope.

Bird deposited blackberries also find bare ground good for germination. I am doing good when the blood loss is minimal.

The bottom crease got some weeding done and a thicket of elderberry where the green fringed orchids grow got yanked.

This is where a river of red blood grass will begin to flow. Where will it flow to? Should I fill the inner eye of Creation with Blood Grass? I just might do that in time if this grass proves as vigorous as people say.

I look up from the bottom and waves of color greet my eye. My editing, add and subtract, is having an effect. Without the three main thugs; New England Aster, Elderberry and Clematis virginiana that binds it all together in a big giant hairball, the other more colorful denizens of the tall flower meadow can take hold.

Now I'll see if I can get a river of blood to run through it.

A bonus, a brand spanking new butterfly drying its wings. The color will even float through the air above the tall flower meadow.

I am making up the garden as I go along, editing. There is a theme in my head with no real specifics. I see no reason why I can't have nice blooming weeds to enjoy as the garden becomes.

All I have to do is weed out the pests.


Les said...

It is good to have a vision, but one not necessarily committed to a rigid plan. It is clear that you know Mother Nature likes to stay flexible.

Lola said...

The garden to be will be glorious. I do agree about the loss of blood. We do need to wear some kind of glove. They sure do hurt. I have Dew Berries that I need to get out of my Back Corner Garden. Ouch!

James Golden said...

My kind of gardening.