Friday, August 31, 2012

On The Final Day Of August

It is not the rare Blue Mum on the final day of August two thousand and twelve. It is however more orange now than the very yellow mum I remember. There must be something in my soil.

There is a burgeoning crop of blooming weeds in my soil that is for sure.

I will continue to edit and curate them. Wild asters will mingle with the civilized mums.

So that the ends of all Augusts will be a cacophony of colors as a prelude to the fall.


Lola said...

Orange or yellow, it is gorgeous. I have observed the blue moon. It too is pretty.
No sleep for me. Full moons do that to me.
GGS will finish mowing tomorrow. I need to edge a lot & weed more. All this rain sure has made things jump.

sallysmom said...

I haven't seen a sign of wild asters yet. Maybe, they won't bloom due to the extremely dry and hot summer we had.