Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Mum and Joe's Hibiscus

I have no idea what kind of mum this is. It is happy that is for sure. It blooms a full month earlier than the Sheffie mums from Tennessee. I think it is even a different color yellow this year. It will need to be spread around.

Giant hibiscus flowers on plants that never get more than a foot tall. What's up with that?

Good ol Joe Pye.

Another giant hibiscus flower on a tiny plant. I grew these from seed that had been sent to me. Maybe they need to be mulched and some more elbow room to reach full sized plant status. They might also need the heat I hardly ever have. My okra has stopped growing, it has been so cool of late.

August has actually been freakishly cool, rarely getting above 80 degrees high on the low spot. Normally August is our warmest month when the peppers finally start to grow. The peppers are just sitting there now after a bountiful early crop in the heat wave.

Does this early cool mean anything? Is it an omen? I'll find out in due time.


Lola said...

My mums bloomed last month. Don't see any of them now. Too much rain.
Love the color of Joe Pye. Hibiscus look good. Mine tries to bloom in winter, then the cold zaps it.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

"They" are predicting a snowy winter here. I am thinking you lucky to have such cool weather. Still hanging in those 90's here. I am hoping Isaac will push cooler air and moisture up our way. Our old fashioned hardy hibiscus is shorter this year due to lack of rain. All of the shrubs and plants are shorter. It seems so odd.