Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Signs Of Progress

The leaning towers of Cleome. This is the second year of annuals in the cabin side bed. Last year's zinnias were showier. The cleome had to fight off a bountiful population of slugs and there are fewer of them. Perhaps I need to chop off their heads and get them to branch out a bit more. There will be plenty more seed for next year at least.

The service entrance bed has gained a bit of substance over the summer. The morning glory is more vine than bloom. I may have over fertilized it. The yellow Sheffie Mum is budding out and preparing to bloom. The self planted Boneset is looking stately. It is proving to be a rampant self sower. Soon enough I will be able to pull them out when they show up in the wrong place.

Do my eyes deceive me? The crease in the sunny utility valley is looking almost garden like. It is certainly a big improvement over last year's abandonment. For comparison, the untouched part of the tall flower meadow this year is below the Creation, top right. The main players in that patch are New England Aster, Elderberry, Blackberry and Clematis. I think next year that section is gonna get whacked.

There are signs of progress in the garden becoming.


Pomaika`i said...

I like your final assessment - the asters, clematis, et al look like squatters deserving eviction.

Lola said...

It all looks very good. I didn't know the heads of the Cleome could be whacked.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Cleome will end up popping up all over the place. I sort of like that. Your garden is evolving quite nice.