Sunday, August 19, 2012

Pay Back

Clan Raccoon has gained another victory in the ongoing skirmish. They invaded the sweet corn patch again last night and ate another half dozen or more of the best ears. They only go for the highest quality ears of sweet corn. They leave the little ears for me.

This is pay back for me decimating their numbers. It must have been a sizable clan. This is not the work of a lone raccoon. I know two more were seen on the deck at the capture of number four. Then again, a whole other brigade could be living in the territory across the scenic byway.

I can't stand the mess and cleaned up after dinner like I do every night. The fall garden is germinating in those bare rows and I can't have corn carcasses sitting on top of sprouting seedlings.

There will be no sweet corn for me!

A wise man would stop growing corn. Considering where I live and every things that is out there, it is a wonder I get any produce at all from an unfenced garden in the wilderness. I just don't get any sweet corn.

I do get all kinds of flowers. The Clematis stans is blooming nicely. The plant is terribly hard to photograph. The tiny, pale lilac flowers don't show up well in pictures. In person it is quite showy.

Corn B. Maybe I enjoy the challenge or the drama. Maybe I just have too many seeds and enough space that needs filling. Maybe I need to get a gun.

Maybe next year I will plant sweet potatoes.


Pomaika`i said...

The varmints will continue to attack, so a gun is reasonable, both to dispatch after trapping or during the raid. Hollow point rounds help with head or heart shot. An alternative would be to make a hardware cloth enclosure with an electric wire set-up about 2 inches off ground level - much more work but they will test your building skills, I'm sure. I've been researching how to protect chickens from various predators, with raccoons being the most typical offenders. Just hope someone isn't putting out a platter for them nearby.

Christopher C. NC said...

Pomaika'i a fence is too much work. I prefer avoidance as a strategy. Yea someone keeps telling me I should get chickens. I think she wants fresh eggs. The only way that is remotely possible is a with a fortified chicken house.

Lola said...

LOL, you are a trip Christopher. I was hoping you'd have some sweet corn to enjoy. Maybe the later planting.
I like the little blooms.
Chickens for fresh eggs====you'll need a hen house. Then there is the winter time. Some of my brothers chickens lost their toes. Froze off. He had a hen house. Nice thought.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Guns are the best alternative if you want to get rid of the varmints, however once you eliminate a clan the next clan will just move in. Your best bet is to plant sweet potatoes. Then the next year corn. Maybe you will fool them into thinking you gave up corn growing. Love the little clematis.

Dianne said...

Ground hogs love sweet potato vines. We do not grow them anymore for that reason. My dogs normally keep the varmints away, but this year rabbits ate my green bean vines as they came up, are now eating my ripe tomatoes, and the raccoons ate my corn. The wilt got my cucumbers and heavy wind blew my staked tomatoes to the ground. I forgot about the squash bugs that were just waiting for me to plant
my squash. Was not a great garden year on my side of the mountain. While I am discouraged, I am sure that by next spring I will be ready to plant.