Tuesday, January 1, 2013

No Resolutions

It comes and it goes. A day of rain took away all the snow. The winds and the weathers have been turning the ornamental grass into straw. There won't be much left by the time I get around to cutting it down in the spring.

I haven't been thinking about the garden much since my attention has turned to the cozy cabin's final projects. I have become possessed. The push is on to get things done while the time presents itself.

Today I was possessed by stuff. It was making me crazy. The clutter was piling up. I spent ten hours rearranging stuff in the cozy cabin, trying to make it all fit, while continuing work on my cabinet/closet addition, a substantial project just for a place to put stuff.

Five year's ago I arrived with a 4 x 4 x 4 cube of stuff, luggage and some extra boxes. I left an entire house full of stuff behind. Today I already have more stuff than will fit in my cozy cabin. I had to return some stuff next door to store it.

My new hanging clothes closet is full. Now I wait for the special order bifold doors to arrive.

I have three more pieces of trim I want to add. I want to put the same kind of trim that is on the back of the cabinet top against the wall on the left and right wall ends of the cabinet and closet. There is another tiny piece needed in the angle of the ceiling on the side panel of the closet.

Mostly I'll be waiting for my bifold doors to arrive.

I built a lovely piece of cabinetry for stuff and now I have no place to put some of this stuff. It all fit in here much better against an empty wall before I made a place to put stuff.  I need to go through these tubs of stuff with ruthless intent and an eye for display. There is some shelf and cabinet space left to fill. The hanging clothes closet is full.

There is no need for resolutions. When the time presents itself things get done. Gardening is done when there is time for gardening. Without the snow I can see the bold lines of texture and color forming that will fully cover this slope one day.

I hope it won't be long until the time presents itself to build a nice garden/storage shed. I have no place at all for my outside stuff.


Lola said...

It is looking great. The doors will make a difference. Seems we never have enough room to store stuff. I might have some room if other people would take their stuff home.
Stay warm. Gardening time will be here soon.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

You have a lot to look forward to.

Sallysmom said...

What about under the cabin? Can you close a place in for storage?