Sunday, March 17, 2013

Asheville Daffodils

One of the garden owners from last year's West Asheville Garden Stroll said she had a lot of daffodils and be sure come back to look next spring.

She wasn't kidding. She has a lot of daffodils.

Bulbarella drove by to look earlier in the week and was duly impressed. She has more daffodils than me she said. Perhaps this and her decision to divide and spread in the spring when she can see where the bulbs are will encourage infill over expansion. I have been nagging her about infill for a couple of years. Infill makes for a better display.

Tucked away in a quiet neighborhood in West Asheville, on a street only the immediate locals would ever travel, is a bulb display of magnificent proportions. Gardeners are a wonder to behold.

We had another warm and sunny spring like day. I got a few garden chores done. The shelling and sugar snap peas were seeded. I still wasn't ready to cut down the miscanthus grass. There is more snow in the diagnosis for the end of the week. Winter isn't completely finished. I can use this interest for a bit longer.

I did cut the Feather Reed grass, Calamagrostis, around the stock tank well head cover down. I dug and divided three of the clumps for more. I have started a new grouping of this grass in another location in the tall flower meadow.

I was happy to see the Foxtail Lily, Eremurus, have come up. After five years I should stop worrying that these lilies won't make it up here. The number of spikes per crown has multiplied, but last year the flowering was very poor. I have read they have on and off blooming. Hopefully this will be a good bloom year.

Spring slowly wanders up the mountain, but it is still two months before our last average annual frost date. There will be more snow yet. Verdant life will slowly rise from the forest floor. The gardener will wander the grounds, looking close to the earth for each new sprout waking up from a winter's slumber.


Heaven Scent said...

Hi Christopher! Those daffodils are beautiful! I need to think about trying lilies again. I can't figure out what happened to all my lilies .... moles/voles or bunnies. Ugh!


Lola said...

That's a lot of daffodils. Glad you got to see them. The grasses still look good.

beverly said...

I love Calamagrostis, even if I can't always spell it.

Christopher C. NC said...

Siria I vote for voles. Daffodils are good and hyacinth are poisonous too.

Lola those miscanthus aren't showing any new green growth at the base so I can put it off a while longer.

Bev the calamagrostis lasted all winter and is a nice short grass. Now I have more.