Thursday, March 28, 2013

The Spring Tonic Has Sprung

Now if spring is here to stay, there could be ramps and eggs soon.

The crocus could finish blooming.

And the bulbapaloozathon will begin.


Lola said...

Awwww ramps, what a delicacy. I like them. Even pickled them one yr. Looks as tho the white stuff has moved on. Seems Spring is in the air.

Barry said...

Yay! I spotted a single daffodil proudly nodding at the river going by. Somehow, a bulb must have fallen there near the top of the riverbank, and the flag of Spring has been raised. I'll call it that, anyway. I think I have either a plum or an apricot tree popping out the blossoms, too. Spring is here!

Christopher C. NC said...

Lola it is fun eating the wild things. Still quite a bit of snow left on the more north facing slopes. That may be gone by tomorrow.

Barry you are ahead of me. The trees and shrubs are still budded tight, even the forsythia. We are weeks are from the shrubberies blooming.

Lola said...

Have you ever tried eating Poke sallet? That was our Spring tonic when I was a kid. I did fix some when staying at our place up there.
Ask your mom.