Saturday, March 9, 2013

On The List

Late last fall I cut the invasive Oriental Bittersweet vine growing on the arbor in the garden next door off at the ground. When the stumps sprout in the spring they will get an herbicide dressing. It was time for this vine to go.

Considering how invasive this vine can be we were lucky. Most years the blooms were frozen and it didn't set seed. With the birds help over the years it still managed to get new vines growing in the ridge top garden. They always got pulled.

This winter the top cross beams of the arbor rotted through and the whole tangled mess began to sag to the ground. Today I got in there with the hedge clippers to open the path back up. It's a second small step.

The whole dead vine needs to be removed and the top supports rebuilt. Then a more petite and much showier vine like a clematis can be planted.

It's on the list.


Lola said...

Boy your list is always there. Never a moment to relax. That plant does need to be removed & the arbor redone. Good for you.

Christopher C. NC said...

Lola that is what snow is for, relaxing. I did get 3/4 of an item off the list. I put screen in my roof vents that I could reach to keep the bats out. I hope it works.