Monday, March 11, 2013

Yesterday's Gardening

Merry Christmas to me. I got a gift card to Lowes and waited patiently for the garden center to come back to life before spending it. A garden as large as mine can always use more shrubberies. At some point while setting on the front porch I decided some tall vertical evergreens would be a nice eye catching and structural addition to the front bed along the scenic byway and add a touch more screening.

Three Thuja occidentalis 'Smaragd' would do nicely for the size and height I had in mind. These are labeled to get 15' high by 4' wide, not so tall that the utility company would go after them to protect the line that runs over head.

The poor gardener learns patience. Three small ones that will grow are better than one big one that cost twice as much as the three small ones together.

It could be too that another of the cold hardy camellias slipped into the cart. This is Camellia x 'Pink Icicle'. The poor gardener also learns to notice when two plants are in one pot and picks that one. One 'Pink Icicle' became two.

This camellia like the 'Winter's Snowman' I planted two winters ago is rated to zone 6 and -10 degrees. 'Pink Icicle' is a spring bloomer. 'Winter's Snowman' is a fall bloomer. The first planted camellias have survived two winters, grown well enough for small one gallon starts and are looking good. That was enough of a success to convince me to try some more.

Evergreen winter interest in the garden becoming continues to build.

Another broken pot was planted in the slope below the cozy cabin. I'll find something interesting to plant in it. Creeping phlox would do fine, but maybe something else will strike my fancy when the nurseries really spring back to life.

The morning gardening was done. I headed next door to work on a long thought about chore. I stopped to admire the crocus along the way.

More crocus are appearing everyday.

Sister #2 actually attacked the dead vine on the arbor and tossed it down the hill into a rubbish pile. Nice. She should visit more often. One more step done in the makeover to a beautiful arbor and entry to the back gardens.

That small pile of lumber at the base of the house next door was scaffolding that had been attached to the side of the house for over a decade. It's purpose for being there was never done, is not a priority and may never be done.

The scaffolding was well on its way to rot and a horrible eyesore. It's removal had made it on to my list of winter chores. Goodbye scaffolding.

If anyone ever decides to texture this side of the house with wood stripping like the other three sides of the house, well they can use a ladder or rent scaffolding. I wasn't willing to look at that for another decade. Five years was long enough.


Lola said...

Good job. The new shrubberies will look great.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

The camellia that Southern Living Plants sent me doesn't look like it is going to make it. I can't believe they sent it to me even though I would love to have a camellia. I will look for the ones you mention. I doubt if they are anywhere around here. I have never seen any kind of camellia in a garden center here. I love them but live just out of their zonal tolerance. I had hoped that the global warming trend had made my area warm enough for them. Sigh~~ Your little shrubbies will do a good job for you where you have planted them. It won't take long either.

Sallysmom said...

Creeping phlox is great - and can be divided pretty quickly.

Christopher C. NC said...

Lola I am making progress.

Lisa there are a whole bunch of new cold hardy camellias. Many have cold sounding cultivar names. A little googling will get you a list of names. We are still on the edge of growing camellias though. If SLPC didn't send you one of the cold hardy ones which I doubt would even be in their line, it's not likely to survive. I'm pushing the limits on the Soft Caress Mahonias zone 7 that I got.

Sallysmom I have the slope along the drive covered in creeping phlox. It's doing great, full sun and very poor well draining soil.

PlantWerkZ said...

You are doing a great job. This will be a great garden some day. PlantWerkZ