Friday, March 15, 2013

Crocus Day

On a sunny 60 degree Bloom Day the white crocus slowly began to open.

Let's go on a stroll on a beautiful day to see all the different kinds of crocus in the wild cultivated gardens.

There are a lot of these purple and white striped ones in new locations. A huge patch of them in the ridge top garden has disappeared. Bulbarella swears she didn't dig them up and spread them around. I'm not so sure. The loose earth I see where that patch used to be says shovel not varmint to me. Oh well.

All that matters is that there are more crocus in more places.

More white crocus.

More yellow crocus.

More blush lavender crocus.

I thought I saw a daffodil.

The yellow crocus are really random. They are spread far and wide in tiny little clusters. Nobody planted them.

The new tri-color crocus is winding down.

The white crocus open wider for Bloom Day in March. That's pretty much all we've got, crocus. For more blooms of many kind be sure to visit Carol at Bloom Day headquarters.

Next up we have dung.

It didn't take all of a beautiful day to see the crocus. There was time for dung. The first pile was ready enough. I ran it through a screen of hard wire cloth. Looks good.

Both strawberry patches in the roadside vegetable garden were top dressed with a wheel barrow full of dung.

I'm a little leery of my dung. You could say my composting technique is lackadaisical. It's the pile it in a pile and just let it sit method. I have no idea how much weed seed it may have. This is mostly horse poo. Horses only have two stomachs and don't digest seeds as well as cows. I put a small test sample on the end of that third longest row to see what happens. I'll see what happens in the strawberry patches too.

It was close enough to St. Patrick's day, my annual start date in the roadside vegetable garden and a beautiful day so I went ahead and seeded lettuce, spinach and radishes. I have a feeling I will be seeing more winter, but these seeds will be fine and come up when conditions are right. So will any weed seeds in my horse dung. If all goes well the vegetable seedlings will get side dressed with dung after they germinate.

Crocus and dung. What more could you want on a beautiful Bloom Day in March?


Lola said...

Sounds like a beautiful day for all. I do love those crocus. Dung should be ok.

Carol said...

You couldn't ask for much more! I'm planting peas, radishes, spinach, and first row of lettuce tomorrow!

Heaven Scent said...

....that and a Happy Birthday! I haven't been on for a few days, so here is a belated Birthday wish and hoping your birthday, and birthday weekend were great! "How does she remember" you ask?! Easy ... It is my birthday too! :)


Christopher C. NC said...

Lola the dung will be good for things even if it has weeds seeds. I'm hoping for few weeds.

Carol got my seeds in. Now its gonna snow again. Moisture.

Happy Birthday Siria. I should be able to remember that. I should.