Sunday, March 24, 2013

Short Blue Intermission

The rain came in buckets all through the night and continued most of the day. Next up is two days of snow with an estimated depth of six inches. I have been cooped up enough by the cold and miserable and was not looking forward to two more days of pacing. So I got ready when I saw the line of rain was about to pass on the radar. I was going outside no matter the temperature. A project was calling.

That short line of rocks in the lower left foreground across from the snake in the grass has never felt right. I decided a while ago to move them.

During a short blue intermission that was almost warm, before the next round of rain arrived, those rocks were moved. The top right arm of the swirl was extended and more rocks were placed in the eyes of Creation.

But it was still blue and almost warm and I had many piles of smaller rocks that needed moving. A project was calling. That disturbance in the leaf litter is the birth of a heiau at Ku'ulei 'Aina. He's doing it again. This will be my third one.

I measured out a 10' x 10' square and begin the outline of dry stacked heiau. It will have the inward sloping walls of a pyramid and at some point when I run out of rocks, a flat top. It could be three feet tall. It could be five feet tall. Time will tell. My first heiau took a year and a half to build. It will serve a vital function as a repository for the all rocks I am forever digging up.

When the land hands you rocks, build a monument.

The plan now is for the heiau to sit in an oval shaped lawn. By lawn I mean keeping whatever comes up weed whacked so it stays short. Short in the tall flower meadow means 18" or less. It also means I can plant around it with trilliums, violets, chionodoxa or any number of short things to have a changing seasonal meadow type lawn. Time will tell.

I have plenty rocks and hopefully plenty of time.


Dale said...

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Dianne said...

Love your creativity. I am always learning from you.

Christopher C. NC said...

Dale just for you. Done.

Dianne I bet you have plenty rocks and with all your land I can see short, 2', running serpentine walls. That is one my list for the posh estate and all their rocks.

Lola said...

Looking good my friend. Rocks sure are plentiful for you.

Deviant Deziner, aka Michelle said...

Hi Christopher,
I just read a few of your comments on the Garden Rant ( the Michael Van Valkenburg post) website and had a laugh-fest !
I see we are equally repulsed by the derogatory nitwit ego centric ramblings of Billy Goodnick and the morse code incoherence of Tara Turf.
" .. Oh just go and 'marinate' yourself in estrogen while predicting the outcome of the civil war why don't ya ? ! "
Too flucking funny.

I check in once in awhile to see how the Cozy Little Cabin and the garden is shaping up. It is always a delightful pleasure.

All the best,
Michelle Derviss

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I envy you your rocks. It will be great fun to watch this pile grow.

Christopher C. NC said...

Lola this for sure isn't Florida when it comes to rocks.

Hi Michelle. Nice to hear from you. Yes those two can be annoying. A little more paint and the cozy cabin is totally done. The garden is a ten year process at least. Gardening in the wilderness is a whole new challenge and experience particularly when you add on my assistant gardener duties to my mom's two and a half acres of semi-cultivated gardens.

Lisa I meant to give you a rock when you were here and had a nice one picked out for you. I got distracted though. You'll have to visit again.

Barry said...

It took some great thinking to choose that spot for a heiau, I suspect. A 10by10 square on a slope - do the heiau sides orient along N/S axes? The remnants I saw in Maui and in Big Island made me wonder. I look forward to seeing take form on island time.