Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Starting Over From Scatch

Today we are having torrential rain. All this snow you see is now all gone. I feel quite sure the creeks are rising. Tonight the switch will be flipped and we may get torrential snow, covering it all back up again. I'm getting annoyed.

Two cooped up kitties nearing full cat size have been driving me nuts when play time kicks in and the claws come out. All this sitting has put a crick in my back. We all need more outside time.

Less snow exposed more crocus.

I'm beginning to remember I planted a full sack of these in the bed at the top of the drive. More keep appearing. It would be nice if I could spend more time with them and didn't have to take a picture and dash right back inside.

If the diagnosis is correct they will be buried again for at least the next two days. Snow. Melt.

Yes the creeks are rising. Culvert Falls is flowing again. Culvert Falls has flowed more times this winter than all the last four years put together. It has been a moist winter.

My neighbor across the scenic byway may have something to do with Culvert Falls new vigor. He built two new road sections directly above me in the last year so all his roads would be connected. Road building above has changed where and how the water flowed below in the past. All I can do is direct the flow on my end. A new garden project awaits me.

The rain has stopped. The kitties were tossed ...... outside. The temperature should begin to quickly plummet from a warm 41. We wait to be buried again.


Lola said...

Oh my goodness. Hope the new white stuff will have a short visit. Anxious to see how you solve the overflow.

Christopher C. NC said...

Lola I will be making a rubber lined dry stream bed for a good distance to direct the flow to the left of that tree. It may involve a stone bridge of sorts over the upper path.

Barry said...

I see a good place for rocks to frame a sometimes waterfall, maybe a pondette of sorts for riparian refuge (but no kalo patch!).

Christopher C. NC said...

Only if the taro is treated as an annual. Gardy don't dig no tubers for winter storage. He won't pound and eat em either. That stuff tasted like cardboard porridge.

beverly said...

Christopher, I thought of you when my nephew (a cat person) posted on Facebook a poster with a picture of a cat with the caption:

I don't always run around the house. But when I do, it's in the middle of the night. For no f----ing reason.

About tells the tale, doesn't it??

Christopher C. NC said...

Bev I saw that and yes it fits perfectly. It could be bad tonight since they all have refused to step outside today in the blizzard.