Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Second Day Of Spring

Was winter like.

With three inches of snow and 13 degrees for a low.

Melting snow puffs on gravel.

And loads of laundry done.

The crocus closed and wait

Until real spring, not calendar spring and I'm not seeing that at all in the diagnosis for the next few days or the rest of the week.


Dianne said...

Snow here too. About an inch and a low of 21. I am so ready for spring. Haven't I said that before?

Lola said...

Got the back yard mowed. GGS will have to finish the rest later. Cooler at night. Went to OP for dinner. It sure doesn't look much like spring at your house. It's pretty any way.

Sallysmom said...

Miss Collar doesn't mind the snow??

Christopher C. NC said...

Miss Collar tolerates the snow when she is in the mood.