Friday, March 22, 2013

We Wait

The snow came. The snow went. We wait for the next round of snow to arrive to cover the barren ground of winter one more time.

We wait for spring when with a sudden vigor, lush life in numerous forms will rise from the barren earth. There is a lot of ground to cover in the garden becoming.

I amble through after the snow melts to check on all the baby trees and shrubberies to see how they are faring after each new onslaught of bitter winds and cold. Most are doing fine. A few things look a bit tattered. Only spring will tell the tale of death or survival.

I look for bulbs. I find them in places where I don't expect them. We wait for tens of thousands of bulbs to bloom. The bulbs wait for better spring like days. Maybe by April. March is almost done.

We wait.


Barry said...

I wonder how the 37 degree soil here will ever warm to 50, but I stubbornly trudge out every few days and push my thermometer down about 5 inches anyway. At this rate, I'll have the future garden soil completely aerated at the summer solstice. Brrr!

Christopher C. NC said...

Barry I tend to think of the entire west coast as coastal and you could be much further inland which will change everything. But in my zone 6 garden I have seeded lettuce, spinach and two kind peas. They will come up when conditions are right. I have also already planted new shrubberies. The nurseries are opening and I was there. The main thing I look for to manage my impatience is that the shrubberies are still fully dormant and show no signs of breaking bud. My soil has frozen and thawed a couple times since.

Lola said...

Those baby shrubberies will be fine. I can imagine the cold as it's not normal here either. I too need to get out & plant more cool weather things, check on what is already there. Did go out & gather more lettuce for sandwich at lunch & bed for dinner. Sure is nice to go out & get from your own garden.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I am playing the waiting game here too. I am so ready for the warmer part of spring. Cheers.

Dianne said...

I too am waiting. Looks like spring may arrive next Thursday. Maybe I can soon get into my veggie garden.
Appears as though most flowers survived the freeze, except the Flowering Quince is toast. I have not checked the blueberries. I hope they had not started blooming.

Carol Michel said...

I am waiting for the snow, too. 6 - 10" in the forecast tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

"I look for bulbs. I find them in places where I don't expect them."

Definitely. bulbs exist in places when we least expect it. Thanks to nature!