Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Deep Snow In The High South

Just over the hill is the roadside vegetable garden.

I expect my lettuce, spinach and two kind peas to be germinating any day now. I live close to a tomato monster. That's why there are so many cages. They won't be put to use for another two months.

A red rose on a snowy day.

This truly is the last bit of interest in winter.

The little house with the red pole in deep snow in the high south.

This truly is the last bit of interest in winter. When it melts, the grasses will be cut down.

Sampled, rejected, now back to bed.

It's still piling up. Deep snow.


Heaven Scent said...

Hi Christopher! Sure hope you are keeping warm. I can't believe how much snow you have gotten this year! It sure is gorgeous...and I love the picture of the cozy cabin in the middle of the snow! Hopefully spring will arrive very soon!


Lola said...

Seems I've seen snow this late before. Sure hope you & mom are staying warm.
Hope veggies will be ok.
Supposed to get down to about 32 tonight. We'll see.

Christopher C. NC said...

Siria spring is running late this year. I did get to your place last week though. It is cleaned and ready for a fresh layer of mulch and planting of the phlox.

Lola it is normal for us to get snow into April, just not quite this much.