Saturday, March 23, 2013

The Separation Of Cats

It was a cold, grey and soggy day. I sat. I paced. I napped. The crocus only made a halfhearted attempt to open. It was a day of nothing.

There was one surprise. It has been two weeks since I had three cats in the yard. I walked the kitties over to Bulbarella's when she returned and they stayed. I was a little insulted. Button stayed for two days before he decided it was easier to wake me up in the middle of the night to be let out and moved back over here. Dinah never came back.

That was good. It was the intended distribution of the kitties from the get go and they made the choices on their own. A potential trauma was avoided.

There have been numerous visits. Button and Collar would go next door with me or on their own, but Dinah never came over here until today. She has always been developmentally delayed. I have walked them back and forth often enough. They all know the way, but Dinah wouldn't make the trip on her own. Today she followed Miss Collar over when I called for dinner time.

I got my cat and Bulbarella got hers.

Button seems to favor Miss Collar over his sister and I know Miss Collar enjoys the company. She was lonely after her brother, Crawford vanished into the forest.

Now that Dinah has made her first trip back we will wait and see what might change. She followed me back over to her house readily when it was time to go home. They seem to know the other is close by. So far they are content with regular visits and their chosen main residence. Let's hope it stays that way.

I never wondered where Miss Collar would choose to live. I am the only human who can get near her and she does enjoy a warm bed. Remnants of her wild childhood remain.

The cats will wander to and fro. Button has already shown he will go to which ever house suits his immediate needs. No point in arguing with them about it. They were raised as dual dwellers. As the days lengthen and warm, Dinah may decide to visit us sometimes.

And I will always worry a little about the monsters that lurk in the forest and cats that can suddenly vanish.


Lola said...

Our pets seem to know where they belong. My little Ling ling stays by my side even tho she is friendly with all. She is doing ok since she was fixed on Tues. I had confidence in her being in back yard but now I know she will be fine. Don't need more around.

Christopher C. NC said...

Lola all the kitties have been fixed. We don't need anymore either. I have seen stray cats all they way up here often enough and who knows what condition they are in.