Sunday, March 27, 2016

All Ready

The final pre-spring chore is done. All the grasses are down. I'm ready for spring. I'm also fully exposed. There is a brief flash of full frontal in the barren time before the vegetation returns. Now the editing can begin.

When that chore was finished it seemed like a good time to go Christmas shopping. Merry Christmas to me. I used a gift certificate to my favorite local independent nursery to buy some new evergreens for more winter interest. I came home with another Picea abies 'Nidiformis' to replace a near dead Mugo Pine and a dwarf Eastern White Pine.

I had noticed in the last week that one of my Bosnian pines was decidedly more yellowish looking than the other. Before planting the new evergreens, it got a bucket of aged dung. The boxwoods around the propane tank got dunged too.

Between the sketchy amounts of sunlight for some and the dwarf nature of many others, the conifers are majorly slow growing. Give me another ten years. My garden vision is very long range.

The dwarf White Pine got planted on the slope between the driveway and the main path into the garden. That is a prime viewing location from the front porch. Now grow. In another six weeks it will be gone and I won't see it again until late November. Enjoy your summer. And grow.

Next it was time for a short walk. I was tired and dragging. Wild Kitty stopped in to visit late last night after a month's absence. He got into a short scrap with Button and chased Miss Collar off. I had to wait up even later for him to leave and her to come in. Button has now decided we need to get up at six thirty in the morning. I missed my sleep.

The Hepatica acutiloba is blooming in the deep forest.

One slope in the forest is densely covered with it. I saw the Bloodroot beginning to stir while I was in there looking.

One criteria for bulb ordering is, "I don't think I have that one."

The variety of daffodils on this mountain is rather remarkable.

They go from overly ruffled concoctions to pure elegance. The daffodils will keep us occupied while we wait as the time of vegetation continues to wake up.


Lisa Greenbow said...

My bloodroot bloomed the first time today. Only two blooms but more coming along. Your itsy pine is cute. I hope it grows quickly for you. Your long term plan is terrific. I hope to get to watch it all grow. The daffs are outstanding. I haven't even seen these available.

Cheryl Krause said...

What a lovely selection of daffodils. Do you ever divide the clumps?

Christopher C. NC said...

Lisa we have Bloodroot all over the place. The blooms may only last one day, but the large amount gives us a several week bloom cycle. I hope to get to watch this garden grow too.

Cheryl, Bulbarella does mark clumps for dividing and does that every year to greater and lesser amounts depending.

Lola said...

I too hope to see it mature.