Thursday, March 17, 2016

The End Of The Hot Spell

After a week plus of temperatures that belong to June, gardens are going to get tested. Snow is on the way. The good news is the lows are just barely at freezing and below and the lowest highs are close to fifty. Been there. Done that. Minor frostbite, if there is any, is no problem.

This is still only the middle of March however. A polar vortex bearing down on us would have me in panic mode.

All that warm set things to stirring. The garden quickly advanced to an April 1st kind of status. That is when the first shimmer of green begins to appear on the forest floor.

It better hurry cause something is hungry. Damn Varmint!

More and more daffodils have been opening by the day.

The tiny little chionodoxa, in gathering numbers, are starting to sparkle like little jewels.

It is time for their closeups.

Miss Collar has been curious of late, refusing to go out in the morning on the most perfect beautiful warm days.

She comes out to walk among the daffodils when I come home. It must be the commotion from across the scenic byway where my neighbor is having the bathrooms remodeled in one of his houses. Collar can detect a disturbance in the equilibrium from quite a long distance.

Many other treasures hidden deep in the forest soil are beginning to waken. One of my store bought trilliums is up.

The relocated Trout Lilies are in a full on bloom. I am most pleased with how they have taken to their new home.

More variety of daffodils are opening. It all started with big yellow trumpets.

These are different. They are a bit smaller and have paler yellow petals than the darker cup.

It's showtime. Bulbarella arrived in the nick of time.


Lisa Greenbow said...

Poor Collar. I understand the dislike of disturbances in the neighborhood. I like Peace in the garden.

Sallysmom said...

The daff season was pretty much a dud here. Campernelles bloomed just fine but pretty much nothing else. Well, a very few Sweeties bloomed. It was really strange but Van Sion (butter & eggs) were a total no show. We had a lot of rain from January til now and the daff foliage kind of browned on the tips and developed no buds. It was a warm winter with maybe 2 freezes. Mosquitoes are already out. Worried about this summer. Last summer we went nearly 3 months with not a drop of rain.

Christopher C. NC said...

Lisa the nice weather finally forced Miss Collar's paw. She was ready to stay outside this morning.

Sallysmom, if this weekends rain and snow is kind we are off to a very good showing for this year. Last year just as they were coming into peak, a snow storm bent a lot of the bloom stalks over, never to stand back up.

Lola said...

Saw my first buttercup bloom this evening. Hopefully more to come. I too like it quiet in the garden.