Friday, March 25, 2016

Spring Scenes

The view from a front porch.

Post squashed daffodils.

Two of the minor bulbs, Puschkinia and Scilla siberica. Eight years ago there were less than a handful of the scilla. My feeling is they were laying in wait beneath the lamium. Now I see them hither and yon.


Lisa Greenbow said...


Dana Foerster said...

Looks like "Spring" blooms are about two weeks ahead of schedule, as a friend at 3,300 ft on Radcliff Mountain observes......possibly due to a mild winter?

Dana Foerster said...

I meant Ratcliff Mtn.....sorry.

Christopher C. NC said...

Lisa it is getting prettier by the day.

Dana I would say we had a mild winter. It did not even start until the first week of Jan. Dec had very warm temps. Now the unusually warm temps in March are making for an earlier spring. The warm temps are more of an influence than the mild winter.

Lola said...

Spring is great when all is waking up from Winters nap.