Wednesday, March 9, 2016

The Silent Scream

If I bellowed in the forest, chances are no one would hear me. Wailing, screaming and gnashing of the teeth would be equally futile. I would still be alone and unheard.

The well man finally came today. He did accomplish one thing. All the old galvanized pipe was replaced. He did not put my three hose bibs back the way I had them. He put back two and stole the third one.

Here is where the scream comes in. Did you hear it? The galvanized 'T' he used for the hose bibs is cracked!!! It has a leak. I will not be calling him back. He gives the worst phone imaginable. It was impossible to have an actual functioning conversation with the man. I guess I can take it from here. We can talk when he comes looking for money.

Busted pipes weren't the only problem. I flushed and flushed and ran the water for quite a long time. There is no hot water. Now the gas company needs to be called to check on the tankless hot water heater. At least the dishwasher is working again.

More crocus are up.

I can stand on my front porch and see pretty.

Three days left until the arrival. A full dump truck load of mulch was delivered to the Posh Estate today. It was sunny, seventy and I am am wore out with plenty more mulch to move while the weather cooperates.

The house next door will be as tidy and functional as I can get it. Bulbarella will be fine. There are crocus and anemones blooming. I saw the first daffodils today. That's all that really matters.


beverly said...

Getting good help of that sort is really tough and when you find them they are like gold! Good luck! Yes, there is no season like spring around here; we enjoy each unfolding moment. Welcome back soon to Bulbarella.

Lisa Greenbow said...

I heard your scream. You deserve a good scream.

Rebecca said...

I heard it, too!
Keep focused on "what really matters"....

Lola said...

I too heard it. I hope Bulbarella is fine with her arrival. Good help is hard to find anywhere.