Thursday, March 31, 2016

When 'Jane' Grows Up

In three to five years that speck of pink barely discernible in the center of this picture will be quite the show. That is the plan anyway.

'Jane' the Saucer Magnolia lives there. She has already grown quite a bit since planted even with the snow loss of a split off main stem. Deciduous trees and shrubs have been much faster growers for me. That is probably due in part to most of the conifers that I choose are dwarfs, while the deciduous plants tend more towards standard sizes.

The garden is changing by the year. More plants. More diversity. More editing. In three to five years there could be some hints of maturity. It will have a very different feeling.

'Jane' is doing well at an upper elevation where the hardiness and tolerance of many plants are tested. Others have not fared so well.

My garden is not for plants with delicate constitutions. They are tested by the rapid swings of cold in winter and the lack of heat in summer. The competition with the wild things is fierce. Yet many delicate looking plants thrive here. I'm constantly learning which ones don't make the grade. I already know only the strong will survive.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

See Jane.
See Jane grow.

Jane said...

I have given your "Jane" my blessings to grow strong. With a name like Jane, how could she not? I love saucer Magnolias and this one will do nicely. Sincerely, Jane

Lola said...

I have that & it's blooming. Magnolia that is.