Monday, March 7, 2016

Crazy Days

Spring is in the air and coming out of the ground. It was thrashing around on my driveway this morning too.

Wild Kitty showed up late last summer and has been stopping in to visit about once a week since. He and Button get into regular hissing and moaning matches that I have to break up. I don't want any diseases infecting the beasts. Wild Kitty would hiss and moan and arch at me like I was another cat. He was not friendly. I kept hoping he would disappear.

Last week I relented and starting feeding him again. A trap was in his future.

Oh Good Lord. Wild Kitty is here and he brought a writhing squirming friend over with him. No, no, no, no. Oh No! Wild Kitty and his friend are making babies. No, no, no, no!! I Do Not Want A Feral Cat Colony Up Here!

I waited a bit for the well man to call. Finally I called him. No he would not be coming today, maybe Tuesday or Wednesday. Ugghhh!

I left the beasts inside. There was too much activity going on out there for my comfort.

I came home to find little Miss Spooky had taken up residence on my front porch in the beasts warming hut. They don't use it for that much. It is more of a varmint entertainment center and bone yard for Button. The linens had been recently washed. I am sure she found it quite comfy.

Miss Spooky was friendly. I could pet her.

But I have three cats who had been stuck inside all day. They need to go out and do their business.

Button was having none of this Spooky business on his porch and in his hut. He didn't know what to do with her except hiss and moan. Those parts that may have given him other ideas were removed. I was hoping for some detente until Miss Spooky went for a ride to town in the morning. She was a little baby girl not a big mean wild thing.

That did not happen. Before I could stop it Miss Spooky came to rest twenty five feet up in the hollow trunk of a dead hemlock tree. She is playing owl at the moment. I hope she will come down by herself before morning.

Now the good news is Wild Kitty was in such a good mood after getting lucky this morning he acted normal and let me pet him. A few more bowls of food and he will be going for a ride to town too.

I will not be having a feral cat colony up here. To the shelter they go.

No fixed well pipes, feral cats multiplying before my eyes, horrible water pressure at the Posh Estate while I was cleaning pond scum and on a schedule to attend an afternoon class to maintain my license to kill bugs. It was not an auspicious day.

I am lucky though. Life is pock marked with minor trifles.

On the scenic byway at the curve directly below my house there were about ten emergency vehicles, lights flashing, lined up in one lane of the road as I was coming home. I stopped and was directed through. I asked, did someone drive off the road? He said yes, a motorcycle. My response was poor. He looked at me like, what an asshole. It was a stupid thing to say.

There were a lot of emergency vehicles there. They stayed there for quite some time. I could see them from my house. I also know where the motorcycle went over it is very steep and rocky. I had a very bad feeling for the motorcyclist. I can only hope their day was only the tiniest bit more annoying than mine.

As I feared Wild Kitty came back this evening. With free food on demand and a new lady friend why wouldn't he come back. Two of the beasts are back in. Button The Defender of his domain is still out there. My day isn't over yet.


Sallysmom said...

Do you have a live trap to catch kitties?

Christopher C. NC said...

Yes I have a live trap Sallysmom. There just isn't any guarantee what I catch will be a cat. That is why I prefer a taming approach followed by stuffing it into an animal carrier.

Lisa Greenbow said...

I don't envy you your cat problem. Why oh why do people let their cats roam and not fix them. Sad really.

Christopher C. NC said...

Lisa I have a feeling Miss Spooky was dumped here when she went into heat. She was gone this morning. My fear is Wild Kitty took her home and I don't know where his cave is and that a feral cat colony will be born. I got my first three cats when Mama Spot showed up here with two kittens. Miss Collar is from that batch. I did get a lead on a no kill shelter this morning. Really, neutering animals is cheap these days.

Lola said...

Don't people respect the high roads. Maybe you can pet the wild one into being.

Christopher C. NC said...

Lola I did make good progress with Wild Kitty in the last week before Miss Spooky arrived. Today I got some info on a no kill shelter nearby.