Sunday, March 13, 2016

Ready For Action

Snowdrops, lots of crocus, anemones and the first daffodils, the bloom season has begun.

In a spare time slot, the smaller grasses were all cut down. All that remains to chop are the tall grasses. Maybe next weekend.

The chop and drop of the wild flower surround of the roadside vegetable garden got done.

The planting rows are fully dunged. It is warm enough to sow the first seeds. Maybe next weekend.

Bulbarella has arrived with Sister #1. The very first item on the agenda was a stroll through her garden. Priorities.

Miss Dinah went home. Phone check. TV check. Internet check. Water half check. There is an appointment first thing Monday morning for hot water. Furnace check. Remember to check your clocks. Washing machine? Jiggle check.

Everyone is settling in.

We're almost ready for action.


Lisa Greenbow said...

How exciting when all the checks check in and out.

Lola said...

All is fine.

Lola said...

Uncle Ernie is ready for all of it.

Christopher C. NC said...

Yay! There is hot water. Check.

Lisa my mom is safely checked in for the season.

Lola Uncle Ernie may have to wait another week. Word on the street is snow on Saturday/Sunday morning.