Wednesday, March 23, 2016

In The Wild Cultivated Garden

Grecian Windflower, Anemone blanda

White and yellow split cup narcissus

I think it is a cherry which are now classified as an invasive species. I left one and pulled dozens.

Late rays on an yellow and orange split cup daffodil.

A few chionodoxa.


Fresh new daffodils to replace the squashed ones.


Lisa Greenbow said...

Your few and my few are two different things. ha... My few are miniscule compared to yours. It is still fun to see them blooming. I am talking about those blues. The windflowers and chindoxia. The blues have it. :)

Rose said...

Lovely, lovely. Glad to see your spring blooms have recovered from what I hope was the last blast of winter.

Sallysmom said...

I am satisfying my daff yen at your blog. Mine sadly had to much rain and heat this winter.

Lola said...

Dry here, need that sprinkle & will have for next few days. Love your buttercups.