Thursday, March 10, 2016

Clear Cold Water

I had a goal I was aiming for. It remained out of reach for a time.

I managed to get closer after admitting defeat.

How long did it take? Approximately two months and around six attempts. Finally, there is cold clear water with no drips and no burst pipes. I went back to look again a few hours later to relieve my OCD and paranoia.

This is just step one. Step two is reconnecting all the water lines that wander out into the wild and hope they survived the winter. That is just irritation system 101. It is to be expected. It also won't be happening until around the first of May when all danger of frost is past.

Meanwhile the well head itself has no cold protection at all. That will need to be contemplated and remedied. The extended diagnosis is showing nothing anywhere near freezing, so there is time. I could have something to say about that happening the second week of March. For now I will count my blessings.

Then of course there is the fact that I have delicious cold water and not a drop of hot. That is a problem. I'm just not going to let it be mine.

One thing at a time.

Wild Kitty came to visit last night around nine and all hell broke loose. Miss Dinah screamed and ran up a tree. Poor Miss Collar got assaulted. I had to stick my foot in the middle of a howling fur ball to break it up. Collar disappeared and would not come back while Wild Kitty was lounging on the front porch. He is getting all nice with me.

Collar finally came inside after midnight through the service entrance looking no worse for the attack. I was worried. There were lots of chunks of fur at the scene of the crime.

This patch of crocus has completely changed color. A second darker set of bulbs is blooming now.

Plenty more crocus are showing up in the ridge top garden, but with temperatures reaching the mid seventies, their bloom will be fast and over in two days. This is not the time for temperatures reaching seventy five degrees and certainly not for an extended diagnosis.

But what can I do? You have to enjoy the flowers when they are here, not when you think they should be here. 'Arnold's Promise' is supposed to be here now. What I did not like seeing was a lace-cap hydrangea breaking bud. A later freeze could take it back to the ground and it will have to start all over from scratch again.

Now is the proper time for the first daffodils. Too much warm could shorten the season though. Daffodil season done right will last until the third week of April. Once I get the well head cold prepped, it will be time for some more snow.


Lisa Greenbow said...

Such excitement in your neighborhood.

Lola said...

A lot going on in you neighborhood.

Christopher C. NC said...

It has been a busy week on the mountain top. Next comes the gas man for the tankless hot water heater.

Barry said...

It's high time to trap and transport that Kitty. Be really careful when intervening in feline fisticuffs, too. Decades ago, I suffered a very painful cat-bite dose of Francisella (Pasteurella) multocida in my right hand, paying the price of yanking my Siamese cat from combat.
On the bright side, I'm sure you'll be really thankful for that tankless heater!