Sunday, March 6, 2016

Croci And Other Blooms

Before I went to bed last night, that transition state between rain and snow was pouring down torrential buckets of cold wet slop. I woke up to a snow covered landscape once again. It didn't last long. The snow's grip is losing strength.

Bulbarella arrives in less than week. She will have some crocus left. My hope is there will be working water tomorrow. The well man can't cancel on me for weather again. This coming week is going to be beyond spring like with plenty of sunshine.

I wandered next door and cleaned the dishwasher filter to get that item taken care of. The big question is will there be hot water or will I need to call the gas company to have a look at the tankless hot water heater. Wish me luck.

Spring like weather and sunshine means I will be going back to work full time. Another full dump truck of mulch is on order for the Posh Estate.

Not the best picture of the crocus ring around the fire pit, but if you click on it and make it bigger, you'll get the idea. One clump of crocus went missing. A single species tulip is all that came up. Otherwise in the second year they are all fat, happy and multiplied.

The crocus can spread by seed and bulb division to increase their numbers. The seedlings can wander off a good distance and appear in the most unexpected places.

Snow drops are even more generous multipliers. Thanks to Bulbarella's master plan of conquest, there are a lot of bulbs in my garden already.

'Arnold' blooms on, unfazed by the on again off again snows. This week of warm is far more likely to push it over the finish line.

Right now there are crocus, plenty crocus. I have seen the first few anemone and the first yellow of a daffodil bud. It's coming.


Lisa Greenbow said...

Looking mighty pretty there with all those crocus blooming.

matt said...

My garden is too small to be fully satisfying. Thanks for sharing your garden. I always enjoy your blog.

Lola said...

All the blooms look great. Hope there is hot water for your mom.